Put the finishing touch to your project with the amazing frameless Glassic Cabinet Doors

Modern cabinet doors often use materials such as acrylics and polymers to achieve a high gloss look. While some are better than others, none has the qualities, unique look and feel of real glass.

There is something visceral and unspoken about the attraction of glass. A material for those who are not willing to compromise, who seek perfection in everything they do. Hard but tactile, utilitarian but beautiful, a product full of paradoxes but ultimately stunning and desirable.

We have learned to love glass for its sleek and modern look and its advanced properties such as ease of cleaning, durability & non porous nature.

This is a unique, high-end frameless cabinet front and is available in high gloss and matt finishes providing a wide range of design options.

 As the glass is half-tempered it is highly scratch resistant and holds its vivid appearance for a life time.

Glass works well with all types of materials due to its unique look and characteristics. Combine glass with other materials for an ultra modern kitchen setting.

Frameless Glassic Cabinet Doors

Glassic Cabinet Doors are manufactured by painting or printing a colour on the back of 2 mm thick half-tempered glass. 16 mm backing board is cut to suit the required door size and edge-banded.

The glass is then pressed onto the backing board – an exact fit – to each & every edge. In the closed position, the edge-banding of each door is unobtrusive. The finish, either matt or gloss, is in the glass not the paint/print.

Door sizing is accurate to + or - .25 mm.

The matt finished glass is specially treated to create a non-reflective surface that eliminates glare. The result is a smooth, fingerprint free surface.

10 year warranty on Glassic Doors, 5 year warranty on Mirror Doors.

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