Frameless Mirror Cabinet Doors by Glassic

To produce Mirror Doors, 16 mm backing board is cut to suit the required door size and edge-banded.

Then, 2 mm Mirror is pressed onto the backing board – an exact fit – to each & every edge.

Door sizing is accurate to + or - .25 mm.

In the closed position, the edge-banding of each door is unobtrusive.

The 2 mm Mirror does not have the same properties as Glassic glass – it is classed as grade A safety glass. Nevertheless, the flawless consistency and quality of the easy to clean glass surface still applies.

We are so confident of the workmanship, stability and durability of our Frameless Mirror Doors, we offer a 5 year limited warranty in all domestic, shop-fitting and commercial applications.

Why not combine our Mirror Doors with Glassic gloss or matt Doors

10 year warranty on Glassic Doors, 5 year warranty on Mirror Doors.

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