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1  Height, Width and Quantity

For Trade Creditors:

Pursuant to clause 3.2 of the Terms & Conditions of Sale, for each project order or group of orders exceeding a quantity of 100 units of Goods, a deposit of 25% of the order value must be paid prior to commencement of the manufacture of Goods, with the remainder of the order value accruing to your credit account or, alternatively, personal guarantees signed by all Principles and/or Office Holders must be supplied prior to commencement of the manufacture of Goods.

Height (mm)
Width (mm)
  • For all undrilled panels, drawer fronts and cabinet doors provide the finished sizes only.
  • For corner and bifold doors, order as quantity of 1 for a pair or two pair.
  • For corner and bifold doors, the width/height is the combined width/height of all the doors.
  • For corner doors, the maximum combined width is 650 mm
2    Application
3    Front Glass Selection
  • For Glassic Cabinet Doors: max height is 1300 mm, max width: 800 mm, max area is 0.84 m2.
  • For Mirror Cabinet Doors: max height is 1300 mm, max width: 650 mm, max area is 0.84 m2.
4    Substrate Selection
5    Edgebanding

Please Note:

  • If there is a matching edgeband colour with the glass colour you have selected, it would be pre-selected for your convenience.
  • If an edgeband colour has been pre-selected, you can always select a different one
  • If there is no matching edgeband colour, no edgeband would be pre-selected

6    Handle Selection
Handle Type
7    Additional Information
Will you use this door in an alfresco setting?
  • 10 year warranty for indoor or Al Fresco use - 2 walls and a roof - no sunlight or rain
Special Instructions:

10 year warranty on Glassic Doors, 5 year warranty on Mirror Doors.

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