Production/Delivery Times

Production Lead Time

Our Doors are not pre-made sitting on a shelf. Each & every door is made to measure.

Our production system requires 10 working days - add 2 days extra for strip handles. We treat ALL orders as urgent.

If a sample is required, production can't begin until we receive written approval of that sample by fax or email.

No other door manufacturer in Australia comes close to these lead times.

Cash Orders

Because a significant percentage of cash orders are never paid for, it is our policy that manufacture of these orders will not begin until payment is received.

The processing of direct debit payments generally adds another day to the lead time and cheque clearances add 3 days.

This extra day can be avoided by using the credit card facility available on this website. Click the Orders/Quotes tab and register. When your registration is approved, log in and complete your order.

Because credit card records are not kept on this website, credit card security is not an issue.

Credit card payments can also be processed promptly by phoning 1300 560 042.

Delivery Lead Time

Depending on the customer location, delivery can be anywhere between 1 day to 5 days.

As air freight costs are prohibitive, all deliveries are by road transport.

Proof of Delivery

Proof of delivery is a requirement. Our Freight  companies are instructed not to leave goods at unattended premises. There must be a person present at the delivery address you have provided, during normal business hours, to sign the freight manifest or consignment note.

To provide an alternative address, please email us or phone 1300 560 042.

We are unable to deliver at a pre-arranged time.

Invoice Date

Because of the above mentioned disparity in delivery times, delivery of goods to the Customer occurs when despatched from our premises.

The date of despatch will be the invoice date.

Mailing Address

If your mailing address is different to your delivery address, please ensure that both addresses are supplied.

Other Conditions

The Customer is liable for any additional expenses incurred due to non-delivery, including but not limited, to expenses resulting from the Customer not having an authorized person to sign for receipt of goods.

The Customer must within 7 working days after delivery inspect the goods and give written notice of damage, shortages or anything else not in accordance with this agreement.

The Customer agrees to keep goods in the condition in which they were delivered until Glassic Doors (at its option) either has inspected the goods or gives notice to the Customer that the goods are to be returned.

 For further information, please refer to the terms & conditions.

10 year warranty on Glassic Doors, 5 year warranty on Mirror Doors.

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